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One of our first goals when starting Slushfeed was to provide high-quality dry food at a reasonable price. We realized that a lot of other high protein, grain free dog food products were unnecessarily costly, so we decided to solely sell to dog lovers to avoid this problem.

SlushFeed has been custom-built to recreate the hereditary diet of your pet with SlushFeed to feed their natural instincts. Every bowl contains the perfect blend of meat (minimum 50 percent) and vegetable content.

The best ingredients are used in our tasty grain-free dishes. All our products are clean of artificial ingredients, colors, and additives. We choose human-grade meat because if it isn’t good enough for people, it isn’t good enough for our animals.


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Grain Free Chicken with Sweet Potato & Herbs Dry Adult Dog Food

Nutritionally balanced and packed with wholesome ingredients Slush Feed Grain Free Adult Dry Dog food with Chicken is cooked to perfection from a recipe containing no wheat, beef, pork or dairy products. Ideal for moderate, active and working dogs.

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We thrive in making fine treats that enrich the taste&soul.




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Through our normal purchasing approach, we have the appropriate blend of Pets Products that are personalised to fit your demands. We strive to give you with an outstanding purchasing experience since we value our customers’ comfort. Even if you aren’t sure what you want, SlushFeed is always here to help with our variety of options to assist your pets. We have a fantastic team and we want to continue to expand our business by providing our clients with the greatest Pets Products available at Slushfeed.

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